Cultivating Mindfulness in Education

Wake Up Schools supports educators to bring the practices of mindfulness and applied ethics into their own lives so they may be happy and free, and so they may in turn share these practices with colleagues and students in their school communities.

Our book is released on June 6!

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Mindful Sharing in the Classroom: a meaningful way of teaching English

I have been practicing meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh for quite some years and I am especially grateful to my sangha in Berlin-Zehlendorf. Without my sangha it would have been so much more difficult to follow the path to inner freedom and peace. Being continually reminded by dear friends keeps my practice alive and whenever my unwholesome habit energies take control over me, I think it is time for another retreat. So it happened in fall 2016 when I read about the educators retreat at the EIAB… Read more

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Happy Teachers will Change the World: The Film

'Happy Teachers Will Change the World' is a film about teachers learning mindfulness, true transformation and happiness. Please share it to help us inspire as many teachers as possible to explore mindfulness in their lives and their classrooms.

By artist/filmmaker Wouter Verhoeven.